AirShip Cabin

We have featured some amazing retreats over the last couple of years, but none quite as unique as this. Sitting on a secluded patch of land in Scotland, just a few paces off the shore of the Sound of Mull, the AirShip is a sub-inspired cabin with a wood-lined interior inspired by the nautical theme. The aluminum pod features several porthole windows and a retro-chic design aesthetic that welcomes two people (can be modified for four people thanks to its modular construction). The unique dwelling features a kitchen and dining area, a bathroom that comes complete with a shower, a four-poster queen bed, and an adjacent sitting room is fitted with a domed glass wall. The AirShip Cabin is even sustainable with its own rainwater collection system, photovoltaic panels for electricity, insulated construction, and wood-burning stove. Comfortable, quirky and cool.

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