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Earth Moto BMW R80: A Unique Custom Motorcycle Transformation

If you’re a fan of custom motorcycles, prepare to be amazed by the Earth Moto BMW R80. This stunning bike results from a unique transformation that perfectly captured the customer’s desires. Let’s dive into the details of this exceptional machine.

The original seat and subframe of the BMW R80 were replaced with custom-designed parts, giving the bike a detachable capability. The sleek design features Highsider Proton 11mm rear lights integrated into the seat pan, adding a touch of modernity. A short aluminum fender was carefully fitted above the Shinko tires, showcasing attention to detail.

The Earth Moto team didn’t stop there. They upgraded the engine cover and air filter to K&N airpods, enhancing performance and style. Standard components from trusted brands like Discacciati, Motogadget, Motone, and Highsider were used, ensuring quality and reliability.

One of the standout features of this custom Earth Moto BMW R80 is the headlight. Earth Moto incorporated a discontinued Highsider 5 4/3 inch LED headlight, paired with an old BMW R80 7-inch headlight lens insert. The combination creates a unique visual appeal, with the yellow screen perfectly contrasting the bike’s satin black finish.

The attention to detail continues throughout the entire Earth Moto BMW R80 motorcycle. The wheels and frame were shaved of unnecessary brackets and powder coated, showcasing a clean and sleek look. The fuel and air systems, including new fuel taps, filters, hoses, and Bing carburetors, were renewed. The brakes were upgraded with new discs, pads, calipers, hoses, and levers, ensuring optimal stopping power.

When it comes to the electrical system, Earth Moto didn’t compromise. They installed a Motogadget M-unit Blue with an alarm and keyless ignition, providing advanced features and convenience. The bike also features an Aliant LiFePo4 14Ah battery, a new wiring harness, and a Motogadget Tiny speedometer with their speedo adapter.

To comply with regulations and ensure safety, the bike retains the passenger seat and footpegs. Additionally, all necessary fluids were replaced, including fork oil, engine oil, gearbox oil, transmission oil, and brake fluid.

The Earth Moto BMW R80 is a true testament to the joint creation between the customer and the skilled team at Earth Motorcycles. It showcases the possibilities of customization, where personal preferences and unique combinations of components come together to create something extraordinary.

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or simply appreciate fine craftsmanship, head over to Earth Motorcycles’ website to admire this beautiful custom Earth Moto BMW R80 and explore their collection of exceptional bikes. Click here for more details.

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