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Nitecore Summit 10000 Extreme Power Bank

Portable power supplies should be ready to use, but not so much that they can be felt while carrying. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to buy extra weight just to charge your mobile devices while going for a nature walk and you have to make a choice. Settling for more weight or using your devices freely with uninterrupted power. The Chinese brand Nitecore has launched the Summit 10000, the power bank that answers this need, weighing only 6 oz. (172 g), but offering a capacity of 10,000 mAh.

Constructed with a durable, unibody carbon fiber shell with an IPX5 impact protection rating, this lithium-ion power bank has an 18W output USB-A port and a 20W output USB-C port.

As impressive as the Summit 10000 is in terms of weight, its most important feature is its performance in sub-zero temperatures thanks to its innovative heating mode. Where most portable power banks will nearly match in temperatures of -4ºF (-20ºC), the Summit 10000 can still perform stably at 70% capacity even at temperatures as low as -40ºF.

Click here to learn more about the Summit 10000, the perfect power bank option for climbers and mountaineers looking for cold-weather reliability.

NITECORE SUMMIT 10000 - Low Temperature Resistant Carbon Fiber Power Bank (operable at -40°C) !!!
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