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Ledger Stax Crypto Wallet

The rapid rise of cryptocurrencies has attracted many people to this form of investment. Incredible numbers were announced. 90% of these people were trading on exchanges suggested by influencers who were making crypto buy/sell suggestions on social media platforms. Most of them had no idea what they were doing. There was one very important point they missed: “If your cryptocurrency is stored on an exchange, it is not your cryptocurrency.” The lives of many people who had to learn this truth in a very painful way were turned upside down.

No security measure can give you 100% protection in cyberspace. Hackers can sometimes gain access to these highly secure crypto exchanges, despite security measures designed to prevent theft.

A physical crypto wallet (also called a cold wallet) is one of the safest ways to store your crypto assets. Since these wallets cannot be accessed over the Internet, only you have full control over the management of your digital assets.

The new Ledger Stax crypto wallet is designed for simple daily transactions and can also securely protect your digital assets. Designed with the assistance of iPod designer Tony Fadell, this new cold crypto wallet puts you in full control of your assets and features a Secure Element chip, its own operating system, and an e-ink display that gives you a complete view of your transactions.

This sleek wallet is housed in an aluminum case and has built-in magnets that allow you to stack multiple devices. If you set aside your crypto assets without using them too much after throwing them away, each individual device can stay fully charged for several months. To learn more about the Ledger Stax cold crypto wallet that you can charge wirelessly, click here. The video below will also give you an idea.

Introducing Ledger Stax
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