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Corazon Crypto Hardware Wallet

Gray, a luxury brand headquartered in Singapore, has launched this impressive encrypted hardware wallet. Due to all the current hype, more and more people are being introduced to cryptocurrency exchanges for the first time. But there is a basic rule that everyone needs to know: if your cryptocurrency is stored in an exchange, it is not your cryptocurrency. Despite security measures designed to prevent theft, hackers can sometimes still access these exchanges. Physical hardware wallets (also called cold wallets) are one of the safest ways to hold cryptocurrency because these wallets are not accessible via the Internet, which gives you (and only you) complete control over the management of digital assets. . Corazon is Fort Knox in the palm of your hand. It is your wallet, security keychain, and digital safe. The slick device can even be used as a password manager and U2F hardware token to help with authentication requests. Click here for more details about the Corazon Crypto Hardware Wallet

CORAZON® Trezor Model T Crypto Hardware Wallet

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