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Flextail Tiny Repel: Your Ultimate Outdoor Companion

Flextail, a trailblazer in the realm of innovative camping gear, has introduced a groundbreaking marvel that redefines outdoor mosquito protection. The Flextail Tiny Repel, a compact wonder, combines a mosquito repellent, adjustable camping lantern, and power bank, setting a new standard for outdoor enthusiasts.

Efficient Mosquito Repellent Technology

At the heart of Flextail Tiny Repel lies efficient dual-sided heating technology, accommodating two mosquito repellent pads simultaneously and reaching an optimal 329 Fahrenheit within 2 minutes. It offers two modes: Camping mode, achieving 230 Fahrenheit in 50 seconds, and Outdoor mode, reaching 329 Fahrenheit in 2 minutes, ensuring maximum repellent efficacy. (Double-click to turn it on, repellent pads not included)

Ultra-Portable & Compact

Weighing a mere 5.2 ounces, its round design and ultra-lightweight nature offer superb portability. Equipped with a top hook and a unique magnetic bottom, it easily attaches to tents, backpacks, or iron products, leaving your hands free to enjoy your outdoor activities.

Versatile Camping Light

Beyond mosquito protection, Flextail Tiny Repel functions as a versatile camping light with four-level brightness adjustment, catering to various scenarios. It boasts an impressive 60-hour runtime at the lowest brightness setting. Double-click the light button to turn on and click to switch brightness modes.

High-Capacity Battery & Emergency Power

Powered by a robust 4800mAh battery, it delivers an 11-hour runtime in Camping mode (230 Fahrenheit), 7-hour runtime in Outdoor mode (329 Fahrenheit), and 10-60 hours in Camping Light mode. Additionally, its TYPE-C interface allows you to charge other USB devices, providing emergency power during your outdoor adventures.

Durable & Water-Resistant

Designed with an IPX5-rated water-resistant feature, it stands strong against wind and rain. The rugged housing ensures durability, withstanding drops from 1.2 meters, instilling confidence during your outdoor escapades.

Flextail Tiny Repel is not just a mosquito repellent; it’s your ultimate outdoor companion, illuminating your adventures while keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay.

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