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Ferrari 250 GT Competizione Ventidue

Forge Design has reinterpreted the iconic Ferrari 250 GT with contemporary approaches influenced by jazz and architecture under the name Competizione Ventidue. The Ferrari 250 GT was unveiled in 1959 between two seminal events: the opening of the Guggenheim Museum and the unveiling of Miles Davis’ masterpiece Kind of Blue. The museum building and Kind of Blue were designed without digital aids. This is precisely what Forge Design wanted to achieve with Ventidue.

“I drive a Ferrari – not to be cute, but because I dig it”

Miles Davis

The Ventidue’s mechanical design was inspired by the 1961 “SEFAC Hotrod,” a modified 250 GT with a lighter aluminum body and a more powerful 300-horsepower V12 engine. The Competizione Ventidue retained the analog esthetic of the 250 GT but did not fail to use modern engine and control systems. Miles Davis, a great Ferrari enthusiast, would certainly approve of this piece. Click here for more information.

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