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Vollebak Waterfallproof Puffer

Vollebak is a London-based company that uses technology to its fullest to create the clothes we need for an extraordinary future. The frequency of encountering unexpected weather events in unexpected places is increasing day by day. It is also obvious that we will need new types of clothing in order to adapt to this new type of weather conditions. Setting out to find a solution to this problem, Vollebak began to develop new clothing for environments where extremely heavy rains and snowstorms began to normalize. The new Waterfallproof Puffer is the best waterproof jacket on the planet and is designed to withstand the mega storms of the future.

Waterproofing is the amount of pressure a material can withstand until water runs through it. A rating of 10,000mm is considered waterproof. This means that when you provide water flow over 10 meters of the material, the water does not pass to the other side. The higher the score, the less chance the rain will get you wet. Waterproof ratings have become a race in outdoor gear over the past few decades. It turns out it was a race that the Waterfallproof Puffer won.

The water is strong enough to carve even a rock over time. So, days of torrential downpours or a heavy bag on your shoulders pressing the water against the fabric will help the water find a way and pass inland. That’s why the Waterfallproof Puffer is made with an advanced Swiss membrane that is still completely waterproof under a 40-meter column of water. Thus, they were able to make the waterproofing 40,000 mm+.

Due to the high waterproof rating of over 40,000 mm, water cannot even get on the outside of the jacket. The world’s lightest solid material, aerogel, is integrated into the insulation of the Waterfallproof Puffer to keep you warm in cold temperatures down to -40 degrees. Simply put, we have a Vollebak product designed to keep you warm and dry no matter how harsh the weather. Click here if you want more information.

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