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Vollebak Solar Charged Puffer Jacket

If you follow Vollebak, you know that the brand produces the world’s toughest outdoor clothing. Durability aside, clothing is always pushing the boundaries of outerwear, integrating new techniques, technologies, and materials to make their clothing more groundbreaking than ever. Vollebak Solar Charged Puffer is proof of exactly this fact.

While not as flashy as some of the other quirky models in the company’s lineup, the Vollebak Solar Charged Puffer has its own unique character. Although it looks like an ordinary, smooth-cut, stylish coat in daily use, when the temperature drops to -40 ° C, it stands out by protecting its user thanks to a three-layer waterproof fabric, reinforced details, and insulation technology. But what makes Vollebak Solar Charged Puffer so special is not what we’ve counted so far. What makes it stand out is its ability to absorb light from its surroundings. Whether you light it up with a flashlight or hanging out on a sunny afternoon, this tear-proof coat stores energy for use in the darker hours of the day, and when everything turns gray, it turns into a kryptonite-inspired hue. To learn more about the coat, you can go to Vollebak‘s website and add yourself to the waiting queue while you’re gone. Do not leave without watching images and videos.


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