Casual Outfits for Men

The casual style for men is a relaxed and informal leisure look. In this style guide, you will find out which features, clothing, and accessories are essential for the casual look. We also explain the differences from other casual looks and introduce you to a few casual outfits.

If you like to wear comfortable and neat clothes in your free time, but still don’t want to wear jogging pants, the casual style might be the right thing for you. In contrast to the smart casual style, the casual style does without elegant details. Nevertheless, it is more of a neat leisure look and less of a sporty look with jogging pants.

Our definition for this style is: The casual style is a leisure clothing style that looks neat but does without elegant details.

Casual style for men

A casual outfit allows a lot of creative freedom. In order to put together an individual outfit, you should be guided by the following questions:

  • What clothes do I like to wear in my free time?
  • Which cut suits my type?
  • Which colors suit my type?

When putting together casual outfits, it is vital that you can identify with the chosen outfit and that you feel comfortable in the clothes.

men casual jacket


Very different jackets can be worn with casual outfits. Depending on the season and the weather, quilted jackets, blousons, parkas or even leather jackets can give the outfit an individual touch.

When choosing the color of the jacket, one should orientate oneself to the environment, season and weather. Jackets in classic and neutral colors such as black, beige, or dark blue go very well with the casual style.

Sweaters and Shirts

When choosing a pullover, the cut, pattern, color, and material also play a major role in casual style. Light sweaters are ideal for summer evenings, while slightly heavier sweaters are ideal for the autumn and winter months.

The chosen colors should also be based on the seasons. You should generally be more careful with patterns and choose a classic, simple sweater.

Shirts that are not too formal also go very well with a casual look. In particular, shirts with a check pattern or stripes can be worn well in your free time. Checked shirts can also be combined very well with a plain sweater.

casual outfits for men


Polo shirts or T-shirts are also essential components of a casual outfit in your free time. Polo shirts look a little more elegant than T-shirts. If you feel comfortable in polo shirts, then you can of course also wear them in your free time.

When it comes to T-shirts, the color and, above all, the cut is important. Print patterns and eye-catching colors are a matter of taste in leisure time.

It is important that the cut of the T-shirt fits your figure. Crew neck t-shirts can be worn by any man. T-shirts with a V-neck look a bit more sporty and should therefore only be worn by men with a sporty/athletic figure.

casual outfit | casual shoes | men casual jackets


The trousers form the foundation for the rest of your outfit and are therefore particularly important. Whether trousers, chinos, jeans, or corduroy trousers, everything can look good in a casual outfit if it matches the rest of your outfit.

The cut and color of your pants are more important than the material. If you choose classic and simple colors such as grey, beige, or dark blue, this opens up further options for the rest of your outfit.


casual outfit | casual shoes | men casual jackets

Both sneakers and leather shoes can be worn with a casual look. Here you should listen to your personal taste, but of course, also consider the season and weather.

Light-colored sneakers go particularly well with a casual summer look, while dark leather boots can be worn particularly well in the autumn and winter months.

More accessories for the casual look

casual outfit | casual shoes | men casual jackets

Of course, you can also wear a few accessories and selected men’s jewelry with your casual outfit. A cap or hat fits as headgear, you can choose between leather and canvas belts for belts and a wristwatch can also be worn as a stylish accessory.

With the accessories, it is important that you do not overdo it and that everything goes well together in terms of color. It is best to follow your personal taste.

Final say

Even if the casual look is casual wear, it is important to consider a few styling aspects when putting together an outfit. In addition, you should bring your individual touch to this dress code, and then you will also look well dressed in your free time.

When it comes to color selection, you can’t go wrong with the casual style with the basic colors white, beige and blue. Blue jeans or chinos can be combined well with light-colored sneakers, a checked shirt, or a white T-shirt.


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