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MOON Resort Dubai

Dubai is no stranger to large and wasteful investments, especially in recent years. The city’s eponymous mall was the largest in the world (currently the second largest after Iran Mall) when it first opened in 2008, and the Dubai Fountain is known as the most extensively choreographed water system in the world. And of course, Burj Khalifa, which opened in 2010, pierced the sky at an altitude of 828 meters, making it the tallest man-made building ever built.

Now, a new hotel, MOON, is planned to open, which will cost $5 billion to build and will be a lunar-themed resort with a total height of 224 meters (198 meters will be the moon globe itself). Directed by Canadian architecture firm Moon World Resorts Inc. the MOON will essentially simulate a hypothetical experience of visiting a fully functioning resort on the real Moon. It will be equipped with a total of 4,000 luxury suites and 144 private residences, each with state-of-the-art water and air purification technologies and including “Windows to the Universe” that lets you simulate different experiences.

The property will also include a convention center, a large spa, restaurants, boutique shops, a performance theater, a casino, and a space-themed, multi-level Global Meeting Place with a giant spaceship at its center. One of the highlights of MOON is the artificial “lunar surface”, which is 122 meters high, accessible via a hyper-speed shuttle, and where you can explore on foot or with a lunar vehicle. A fully functional Lunar Colony will be located here. Both the way of going and the walk there will be a truly wonderful experience.

MOON is expected to be built in Dubai in the next 48 months. We also learned that the architecture company is making future plans for versions that will be built in North America, Europe, and Asia.

We are in a period when space tourism is talked about quite often and many studies are carried out on this subject. It is a fact that not everyone can and will not have access to these space adventures. That being the case, MOON Resort may be the most affordable and budget-friendly way to experience a trip to the moon on Earth. Click here if you want more information. The video below will give you an idea of ​​how the general lines of the structure will be.

This could be Dubai’s new futuristic resort
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