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Sky Hotel Concept

Housed in a gigantic (really gigantic) jumbo jet, Sky Hotel Concept takes air travel to new heights. This flying holiday resort has rooms with a capacity of 5,000 guests. Find everything you would expect from a luxury ocean cruise and more at this flying hotel. The main entertainment deck, complete with shopping malls, swimming pools, restaurants, theatres, arcades, and sports centers, is positioned under a glass ceiling that allows natural light to enter. A disk-like observatory above the tail of the aircraft offers 360-degree views of the sky, while three balconies on either side of the aircraft provide additional perspectives so you can fully enjoy this extraordinary air travel experience.

While it may seem like a fossil fuel monster, it’s actually not quite the case. The air hotel, which will run 20 electric motors on clean nuclear energy using a small nuclear reactor, can thus stay in the air for almost 7 years without refueling.

Unless there is an emergency, the supplies needed by the hotel visitors are delivered to this huge air hotel by standard passenger planes.

If you want to take a look at the other works of Hashem Al-Ghaili, the creator of the nuclear-powered Sky Hotel Concept, click here. If you pass by without watching the video below, you will regret it, you will be blamed by your friends.

Nuclear-Powered Sky Hotel

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