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Garmin Enduro Multisport Smartwatch

For most runners, a long weekend of hard work will peak at most about two to three hours-short enough that almost all GPS watches can do it. However, ultramarathon runners are a completely different breed, because their run may span several days at a time and there is little support along the way. This is not only a test of physical condition but also a proving ground for gears.

With the release of the “Enduro” GPS watch, Garmin is targeting these endurance fans. For example, it is equipped with an UltraFit nylon strap and steel (or titanium) bezel, which is comfortable and lightweight, and most importantly durable. More importantly, it has the longest service life of all Garmin batteries on the market, up to 80 hours in GPS mode, 300 hours in maximum battery mode, and up to 65 days when used as a smartwatch. But the best part is that in addition to Garmin‘s standard fare (including heart rate monitoring, GPS route tracking, and daily exercise recommendations), it is also equipped with new ultra-specific features, such as trail running VO2 max, ClimbPro, and even rest the timer records the elapsed time of the assistance station. It now sells for more than US$800. Click here for more details about Garmin Enduro Multisport Smartwatch.

Garmin Enduro: You’ll Wear Out Before Your Watch Does

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