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Garmin vivosmart 5

While Garmin‘s smartwatches serve as a great way to track your daily activity, they also pack many other features. But many people can be happy without these additional elements. With this in mind, the Swiss manufacturer has introduced a modern version of the vivosmart fitness tracker that keeps everything in scale and user-friendly.

The fifth-generation Garmin vivosmart 5 is built to track exercise for a week, thanks to its 7-day battery life. If you want to keep track of the calories you’ve burned, the steps you’ve taken, or the minutes you’ve spent exercising this water-resistant device proves you can do it without a chunky piece of metal taking up too much room on your wrist. You can use Garmin‘s new interchangeable straps to personalize the vívosmart 5 with many options, complete with a sleek design that’s 66% larger than the vívosmart 4.

Garmin‘s one-of-a-kind 24/7 Elevate system monitors your heart rate every second you’re awake throughout the day, helping you stay ahead of your competition. In addition to your heart rate, it also informs you about your sleep score, breathing, all-day stress, and hydration level, all of which are important.

This is the new Garmin vivosmart 5; It can be purchased in black, white, or mint color options. If you want to know more about this great fitness tracker, click here.

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