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Aura Strap 2

Now available in an updated and upgraded version, the new Aura Strap 2 is a smart strap that aims to greatly improve the information the Apple Watch can provide. It’s the only wearable device that can provide Apple Watch with metrics for fat, muscle, and water balance to help you reach your wellness goals. Aura Strap 2 collects, analyzes, and sends body composition and hydration data, as well as more accurate heart rate data, directly to Apple Watch, along with fitness levels. The metrics can then be viewed in the Aura app, along with information about your personal body composition, hydration, and fitness progress.

It uses breakthrough Bioimpedance Analysis technology, where a weak electrical current flows through the body and voltage is measured to calculate your body’s impedance (resistance).

Aura Strap supports you in how you can maintain your health and wellness by seeing how fat, muscle, body mass, minerals, and hydration change during your fitness activity. Helps improve your overall fitness performance and reduce body fat.

The Aura Strap has an easily adjustable nylon strap to fit any wrist. If you want to learn more about this smart strap, which has a water-resistant and stylish design, click here.

All-new AURA Strap 2: Supercharge your fitness

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