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Insta360 X3 8K Action Cam

Insta360 action cameras have become one of the most popular devices for those who want to immortalize their exciting moments and adventures. Reinforcing this rise with its continuous development efforts, the brand introduced its new flagship Insta360 X3.

Considering that this is a camera, being able to capture quality videos and photos will be the primary reason for preference. The X3‘s premium Active HDR mode paves the way for videos that easily show bright details that most cameras would struggle with. What’s more, there’s an amazing 5.7K 360° shooting mode that lets you capture crystal clear images of your surroundings with just the push of a button. Another unique feature worth mentioning is the Single-Lens mode, which can capture wide-angle first-person shots at 30fps and in 4K resolution.

In addition, the newly developed Me mode fixes the frame to focus on you, eliminating the need for constant reframing or selfie sticks. However, you can also use Insta360‘s selfie stick, which turns invisible during editing, to capture stunning third-person shots. With a pair of 48MP sensors, it is possible to capture perfect image clarity in any light. With this advanced sensor, you can capture stunning 8K time-lapse footage and present your friends with a visual feast of your adventure on the increasingly popular 8K televisions. If you want to know more about the Insta360 X3 action camera, click here. Do not miss watching the videos below.

Introducing Insta360 X3 - Magic in Action
Insta360 X3 First Look

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