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Insta360 ONE RS Action Cam

Insta360, a company that makes 360-degree video recording accessible to everyone, is back with a modular GoPro alternative to capture smooth images of your surroundings and create dynamic footage. The Insta360 ONE RS action camera is the successor to the Insta360 One R from early 2020, and although it retains a similar exterior design, it comes with more processing power and better camera modules.

It has advanced image stabilization, an extra microphone, faster Wi-Fi to transfer your photos and videos to other devices, a quick access menu to change shooting modes, and “Instant Zoom” features that allow you to zoom in optically up to 2.7x while recording. The 4K lens 1/2 inch 48MP image sensor allows you to shoot sharp 4K 60fps videos and photos. Using the 6K widescreen mode can expand your footage to the classic 2.35:1 ratio so you can capture a cinematic feel. Don’t miss the trailer below. Click here to learn more about the Insta360 ONE RS action camera.

Introducing Insta360 ONE RS - Built to Adapt.

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