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VanMoof S5 and A5 Electric City Bikes

Netherlands-based minimalist city bike manufacturer VanMoof introduced its 5th generation electric bikes. There are two versions of the electric city bike packed with technology. These two models, named S5 and A5, are almost the same in terms of technical features. The only difference between them is the size of the bike. The new A5 comes with a new angled frame that makes mounting easier. These minimalist bikes feature the brand’s newly developed front-wheel-mounted motor with 250W continuous rated power, a torque sensor, an integrated battery pack built into the frame, a power button, a new anti-theft technology, and a renewed wheel lock. Also well thought out are LED ring lights placed right next to the grips to provide drivers with real-time feedback on speed, battery and connection status, and a handle for attaching your phone. You should definitely take a look at the promotional video below. If you want to learn more about these new city electric bike models from VanMoof, the S5, and A5, click here.

The VanMoof S5 & A5 | Reveal event, April 5

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