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Volkswagen ID Buzz

Friends! We have good news for you. Microbus is officially back! Volkswagen has officially brought back one of its most iconic vehicles, the Microbus, the dream vehicle of the 1960s, but this time in an all-electric form, befitting the philosophy it represents. The company has announced that this cool minivan will launch in the US sometime in 2023! ID Buzz will be a zero-emission multifunctional vehicle that combines nostalgic design cues with innovative technology. It will be built with more space for passengers than the original, will have level 3 autonomous driving capability, and will have all-wheel drive as an option. There is no detailed information about Volkswagen ID Buzz‘ power, range, and other features yet. Actually, it doesn’t really matter. The butterflies that fly in our hearts when we see the vehicle leave its other abilities in the background. Click here if you want more information.


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