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Mercedes-Benz All-Electric G-Class

Mercedes-Benz provides legendary G-Wagen fans with a glimpse into the future. With the preview of the all-electric G-Class, the electrification plans of these brands have become clearer. But don’t take out your checkbook right away, this is still in the concept stage, although it already offers an exciting preview of the all-electric version of the legendary all-terrain vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz EQG concept car maintains the classic G-class aesthetics with its practical styling and iconic boxy design but has been enhanced by the modern details of the EQ series. Elements such as the grille have been updated with LED decorations with 3D effects, as well as the front of the roof rack, exterior mirror housing, side panels, and rear end. In addition, the traditional round spare tire rack now adopts a square structure and becomes a storage box. The all-electric vehicle is also equipped with four independently controlled motors, an independent suspension on the front axle, and a shiftable 2-speed gearbox to provide a dynamic off-road driving experience. Arrived by 2025. Click here for more details about Mercedes-Benz All-Electric G-Class.

Concept EQG – The G-Class Will Turn Electric

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