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Giant Overlander Sherp ATV

For those who want to take their next off-road adventure to a whole new dimension, this machine is for you. Sherp ATV is a giant survival vehicle that can walk on water and climb 60cm high obstacles thanks to its large self-inflating tires. The Russian-made adult-sized Tonka truck is the world’s most capable off-road performance vehicle. Sherp ATV has a 2.5-meter turning radius and the ability to climb up to 35 degrees of slope in almost any terrain condition. The 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel under the hood can only produce 44 horsepower, but this beast has a top speed of almost 40 km per hour on land and four miles per hour in water. A 67-liter fuel tank allows this crazy big-wheeled thing to have a range of over 4000km. You must watch the video below. Click here for detailed information.

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