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Vagabund Moto Guzzi V7

This custom Moto Guzzi is one more perfect negligible form from the Austrian-based team Vagabund. Indeed, they demonstrate that toning it down would be best with this attractive form that began as a 2019 Moto Guzzi V7 III. Like with their different forms, the group utilized both high-quality components and 3D-printed parts. They utilized Nylon PA12 fiber to make an outcome that is both fundamentally solid and strong. There are a few 3D parts to note on the bicycle, for example, the tiny tail segment that joins a LED brake light, 3D printed fork covers that fuse LED blinkers, and the lodging around the LED Highsider front lamp. The excellence was likewise fitted with an exclusively welded fuel tank, another fume framework, a ravishing handcrafted Alcantara seat, and a coordinated aluminum spring-up fuel top, and was done in a dazzling custom paintwork with powder-covered body parts. Click here if you need more details about Vagabund Moto Guzzi V7


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