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Diesel Hybrid Overlander Concept EQ_UNIMOG U5025

At whatever point we hear “Unimog,” dreams of enormous going romping stages, bespoke, utilitarian units, and ultra-costly parts bundles ring a bell. The Mercedes-Benz model has become an implicit brand name of the Overlanding people group because of its extraordinary sturdiness. And keeping in mind that creator Artyom Trofimenko wouldn’t like to digress altogether from that notoriety, he’s brought it into a more refined space with the EQ_UNIMOG U5025 idea.

Normally, we’re blessed to receive photographs of Mercedes‘ enormous stage as it takes on rough terrain zones, flawed preliminaries, and streams. Once in a while do we see the UNIMOG in an urban setting, let alone, with a motor format that leaves from the believed six-chamber remembered for the brand’s different models. For Trofimenko, the four-wheeled stage was a prime example of secluded development. To carry the vehicle into the present day, he’s equipped it with a modern lit up body, a utilitarian flatbed, and a one of a kind diesel/electric power train that gives the petroleum chugging unique a run for its cash regarding yield and proficiency. The outcome? A smooth, refreshed UNIMOG that couples the car business’ inventive hybridized power arrangements with a more refined body style, upgraded line work, and ebb and flow, and a secluded outside body that can hold everything from instruments, right to save tires, investigation apparatus, and basic rough terrain things. Head to Trofimenko’s Behance to find out additional.


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