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Damon Hypersport Electric Motorcycle

Damon is a superbike fit for the Transformers universe, it can shapeshift from an agreeable cruiser to an upstanding suburbanite to a rapid sportbike, all at the hint of a catch. The Damon Hypersport highlights two electronically-configurable riding places that move the seat, footpegs, windscreen, and handlebars from tucked-up superbike to upstanding norm, letting the rider oblige to various positions and conditions, to suit any kind of excursion, from start-stop city traffic to that of fast interstates. With respect to numbers, it has 200 hp, 200 mph maximum velocity, 200 miles of parkway go, and on the off chance that you keep it in the city, Damon says riders can accomplish 300 miles. The cutting edge bicycle additionally includes an AI-upgraded well-being framework, called CoPilot, that utilizes two cameras and haptic input in the handlebars, giving riders predominant consciousness of the surrounding traffic. Watch the video.

Damon Motorcycles HyperSport | Future of Motorcycling

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