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Trefecta E-Bike

Trefecta is an exactness designed elite, off-road e-bicycle worked to military-level gauges. It is focused on the day by day suburbanites that likewise need to have the option to go rough terrain with their everyday bicycle. The brand has a few models, however, our pick from the lineup is the great DRT Off-street, an untamed mammoth that can run for in excess of 60 miles on a solitary charge. Produced using military-spec aluminum, the husky bike/motorbike combination can hit a top speed of 43mph and highlights a 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub, a SmeshGear transmission, 26-inch carbon fiber wheels, and Schwalbe trail blazing bicycle tires. A PC mounted at the focal point of the handlebars, lets the client control riding modes, suspension, and check a few information, for example, speed, battery level, route, separation other significant information. The bicycle can likewise overlay down into an accessible convey case. Watch the video.


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