California Meadow House

Possessing 3.5 sections of land in Woodside, California, Olson Kundig’s California Meadow House coordinates the encompassing nature into each part of its plan. The family bequest, planned by one of the company’s establishing standards Jim Olson, is composed around the principle living territory. Clad in glass, this focal center manages sees toward each path including sweeping displays of the nurseries, vineyards, reflecting pools, and the Santa Cruz Mountains out there. The coated veneer doesn’t make only a visual association with the scene. It likewise interfaces the inside straightforwardly to the outside through withdrawing window dividers. On the outside, the abode supplements the setting with a mix of patinated bronze, dark stone, and dull wood. The characteristic palette works its way into within, making a hearty scenery for custom furnishings and lighting planned by Jim Olson alongside a contemporary workmanship assortment additionally curated by the engineer. Beside the stylish, the home offers a few elite frameworks to deliver more vitality than its employments.


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