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Ducati Diavel for Bentley: A Fusion of Italian Precision and British Elegance

Ducati, renowned for its high-performance motorcycles, has again raised the bar by collaborating with Bentley to unveil the limited-edition Ducati Diavel for Bentley. This unique motorcycle is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends Italian craftsmanship with British luxury, resulting in a stunning creation that captivates enthusiasts worldwide.

Inspiration from Bentley’s Batur

The Diavel for Bentley draws inspiration from Bentley‘s exclusive Batur model, a powerhouse of a grand tourer limited to just 18 units globally. The Scarab Green livery, borrowed directly from the Batur, adorns this limited edition motorcycle, creating a visual link between the two vehicles. From the modified intake scoops to the two-tone red and black grille design, every detail pays homage to Bentley’s elite automotive design.

Exquisite Design Details

Co-designed by Ducati’s Style Center and Bentley’s in-house design team, the Diavel for Bentley features unique design elements such as ribs echoing the Batur’s hood on the front fender, fairing, and upper tank cover. The monoposto tail cowl design mirrors the car’s rear double-layer extractor, creating a harmonious connection between the motorcycle and the Batur.

Custom Configurations and Mulliner Edition

Buyers can personalize their Ducati Diavel for Bentley, with options to match the metallic Scarab Green, or choose a unique color scheme for the saddle, brake calipers, and carbon fiber panels. For the most discerning Bentley customers, there’s an even more exclusive Diavel for Bentley Mulliner edition, limited to 50 units. This edition offers an extensive range of custom configurable options, akin to Bentley’s renowned Mulliner coach-building department.

Performance and Price

Mechanically, the Diavel remains unchanged, boasting a powerful 166 horsepower 1,158cc V4 engine. The limited edition model has a stacked dual-silencer exhaust setup, exposed carbon fiber elements, and custom five-arm wheels modeled after the Batur’s rims. Priced starting from $70,000 and $90,000 for the Mulliner edition, the Ducati Diavel for Bentley is a collector’s dream, set to begin deliveries in the summer of 2024.

Exclusive Accessories

In addition to the motorcycles, Ducati offers exclusive accessories, including a matching Jet Helmet and Technical Riding Jacket, available exclusively to Diavel for Bentley buyers. These accessories complement the motorcycle’s design, providing riders a complete and luxurious experience.

The Ducati Diavel for Bentley is a testament to the harmonious collaboration between two iconic brands, creating a limited-edition masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of traditional motorcycling. Click here for more details.

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