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Supreme Collaboration: Ducati x Supreme Streetfighter V4 S Unveiled

Supreme, the iconic streetwear brand known for its exclusive collaborations, has once again shaken the fashion and motorsport worlds with its latest release: the Supreme x Ducati Streetfighter V4 S. This limited edition motorcycle, unveiled as part of Supreme‘s Spring/Summer 2024 drop, merges the worlds of high-fashion streetwear and high-performance motorcycles in a stunning display of style and power.

A Fusion of Style and Performance

The collaboration between Supreme and Ducati brings together two titans in their respective industries. Ducati, fresh off its victories in the MotoGP and Superbike World Championship, provides mechanical prowess with its Streetfighter V4 S model. This naked superbike boasts a formidable 208-horsepower V4 engine, a six-speed gearbox, Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and a suite of cutting-edge electronics.

Supreme‘s influence is evident in the design, with the traditional Ducati livery replaced by a striking red and white color scheme adorned with Supreme branding. Renowned Italian designer Aldo Drudi of Drudi-Performance lent his expertise to create this bespoke paint scheme, ensuring that the collaboration embodies the essence of both brands.

Exclusive Accessories

The Supreme x Ducati Streetfighter V4 S comes accompanied by a range of exclusive accessories, further solidifying its status as a collector’s item. A matching Arai Corsair-X helmet, featuring the same custom design by Aldo Drudi, adds a layer of style and safety for riders. Additionally, Supreme and Ducati-branded carbon-knuckled riding gloves, also courtesy of Drudi Performance, complete the ensemble, offering both functionality and flair.

Limited Availability for Supreme x Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

As with any Supreme collaboration, exclusivity is key. The Supreme x Ducati Streetfighter V4 S is set to be released in limited quantities, ensuring that only a select few will have the opportunity to own this coveted piece of fashion and motorcycle history. While pricing details have yet to be announced, it’s anticipated that the premium over the standard Streetfighter V4 S will be substantial.

The Ducati x Supreme Streetfighter V4 S represents a harmonious blend of style and performance, appealing to enthusiasts of both fashion and motorcycles. With its eye-catching design and formidable performance capabilities, this collaboration is sure to leave a lasting impression on the streets and the runway alike. Visit the Supreme website for more details.

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