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Super73 R Blackout SE E-Bike: Unleashing Style and Power on Two Wheels

In the world of electric bikes, the Super73 R Blackout SE E-Bike stands as a true testament to innovation and style. Crafted by the renowned American electric motorbike brand, Super73, the Blackout Series is an exclusive collection that marries striking aesthetics with enhanced features, promising riders an unmatched experience on the road. Limited to just 2,000 units, these bikes are a rare blend of power, design, and exclusivity.

Design and Features

Almost every vehicle looks better in all black, and the Super73 R Blackout SE E-Bike is no exception. This limited edition bike boasts a sleek all-black satin finish, elevating its visual appeal. What sets it apart are the premium components integrated into its design. Magura MT5e four-piston hydraulic brakes ensure optimal braking performance in all conditions, providing riders with unmatched confidence. The bike also features an 8-speed cassette, offering extra power to tackle even the steepest hills. Additionally, a lightweight rear rack capable of carrying loads up to 10 lbs adds practicality to the bike’s design.


Under the hood, or in this case, under the pedals, the Super73 R Blackout SE E-Bike impresses with its 750W nominal motor. This powerhouse unlocks speeds over 28 mph in off-road mode, making it a thrilling ride for adventure enthusiasts. The removable, rechargeable battery supports up to 40 miles of range in throttle-only mode and over 75 miles in pedal-assist operation, ensuring that the fun doesn’t end too soon.

Exclusive Additions

For riders seeking a more responsive and tailored experience, the Super73-R Blackout SE comes equipped with a Fox Float 3 EVOL adjustable rear shock and Oury Grips. These additions not only enhance the bike’s performance but also add a touch of luxury to the riding experience.

In a world where personal style and cutting-edge technology intersect, the Super73 R Blackout SE E-Bike stands tall. It’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s a statement, a lifestyle choice, and a ticket to an unparalleled adventure on two wheels. Click here for more details.

SUPER73 Blackout Collection Overview
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