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Kawasaki Elektrode Balance Bike

For a long time, Kawasaki had been producing small-sized bikes that appealed specifically to children and teenagers. But they’ve opened the door for an even younger demographic with Team Green‘s launch of an all-new electric balance bike they call the Electrode Balance Bike.

Unlike the existing STACYC bikes we’ve seen from KTM, Husqvarna, and Harley-Davidson, all of which are embellished with custom designs, Kawasaki’s bike is a completely new two-wheeler model that was designed from the ground up. The Elektrode Balance Bike is built around an aluminum chassis paired with a rigid 28.8mm steel fork, hardtail, and 16” cast wheels. Powering this electric balance bike is the air-cooled EIWOL electric motor located directly in the wheel hub. Available in three power modes (Low / Mid / High), 5mph, 7.5mph, and 13mph (8 km/h, 12 km/h, and 21 km/h), the engine allows small riders to start with a manageable amount of power before hitting higher speeds.

The Elektrode is powered by a 250-watt, 36-volt Lithium-ion battery that offers 150 minutes of driving time and requires approximately 2.5 hours of charging for a full charge. Braking is handled by a mechanical caliper with a single 160mm rear rotor tip. In a classic Kawasaki Green racing look, the Elektrode features folding footrests and an MX-style faceplate.

If you want to learn more about the 2023 Kawasaki Elektrode Balance Bike, click here.


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