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Ferrari SP48 Unica

Of course, the best Ferrari you can buy is the one you personally contributed to the design. The SP48 Unica is a coupe of basic construction based on the F8 Tributo, with a 3.9-liter 710 horsepower biturbo V8 mid-engine layout. SP48 Unica is part of Ferrari‘s Special Projects program, which designs and manufactures one-off vehicles according to customers’ requests. Specifically for this model, the customer in question was involved in every step of production to ensure that Ferrari was able to transform the F8 Tributo platform to maintain its design philosophy and commitment to quality.

What makes this car special, of course, is its exterior. The custom carbon fiber body carries traces of Ferrari‘s current lineup in the design of the headlights and deep-air extractors on the hood. The front air intake, rear air vents, and the center in the middle of the roof use a unique curved pattern instead of horizontal or vertical bars. The most extraordinary feature of the SP48 Unica is when viewed from behind. It has no rear window. Instead, it’s covered with the gradient pattern we just mentioned. A horizontal LED added to the traditional quad taillight arrangement accentuates the width of the car, while the diffuser has been moved from the F8 almost unchanged. If you want to know more about this wonderful car, click here.

Ferrari SP48 UNICA – One-Off F8 Tributo Supercar

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