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Ferrari 488 GT Modificata Track Car

Ferrari is taking the best of their 488 GTE and GT3 programs and tossing out the FIA rule book to make a track vehicle unbounded. Pushing the 488 stage as far as possible, the twin-super V8 has new parts alongside tech taken straightforwardly from Ferrari ‘s dashing projects and now makes 690 hp. The transmission has a set-up of proportions to suit various circuits, and a carbon fiber rivalry grip ensures the drive train is as solid as a road going 488. Broad time in the air stream and at the Nurburgring brought about another air bundle that increments down force without expanding drag and furthermore slices weight because of carbon fiber bodywork. To ensure you’re capitalizing on the 488 Modificata, a V-Box and Bosch telemetry framework record each conceivable execution boundary. Alongside the vehicle comes an occasion to contend in works races the world over in 2021. Tracks incorporate Suzuka, Monza, and Watkins Glen. Click here for details.

Introducing the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata

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