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Introducing the Ferrari Roma Spider: Timeless Elegance and High Performance

Ferrari has done it again with the launch of the Ferrari Roma Spider, a contemporary take on the Italian lifestyle of the 1950s and 60s. This stunning high-performance car boasts the same proportions, volumes, and specifications as the Ferrari Roma’s hugely successful V8 2+ concept, but with the addition of a soft top. The result is a striking design that makes a welcome return to the Prancing Horse range on a front-engined car 54 years after the 1969 365 GTS4.

But the soft-top design is not the only feature that makes the Ferrari Roma Spider stand out. The extensive personalization options, including bespoke fabrics and contrasting stitching, make this spider exuberant and elegant. And with a soft top that deploys in just 13.5 seconds and can be actioned at up to 60 km/h, the Ferrari Roma Spider is both functional and versatile.

Under the hood, the Ferrari Roma Spider boasts the same all-aluminum chassis and 620 cv V8 engine as the Ferrari Roma, which was heralded as the International Engine of the Year on four consecutive occasions. The engine is coupled with Ferrari’s universally acclaimed 8-speed DCT, known for its incredibly fast shift times as well as excellent standards of comfort and mechanical efficiency.

But the Ferrari Roma Spider is not just a high-performance vehicle; it is also designed to be superbly versatile. Its category-topping boot size includes a hatch via the rear seat backrests to allow larger items to be carried, and standard wireless connectivity by Android Auto® and Apple CarPlay® Wi-Fi. And let’s not forget the 18-way-adjustable heated ergonomic seats that are also available with an optional neck warmer for colder days.

In conclusion, the Ferrari Roma Spider is a car that is not just easy to drive but is also extremely dynamic and responsive. With its stunning design, powerful engine, and versatile features, it is the perfect companion for out-of-town weekends and longer journeys alike. Click here for more details.

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