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Razer Audio Mixer

Razer has introduced an all-in-one mixer for podcasters and video streamers. Designed to help you better present your sound, Razer Audio Mixer offers four channels of audio control with a variety of audio processing options. There are also mute buttons for each channel and a separate button to mute the microphone. Holding down the microphone button lets you activate sound effects, while a beep button lets you censor your filthy tongue.

Digital Audio Mixer:

Adjust audio effortlessly with a mixer that’s completely hardware-controlled once configured, includes multiple input sources for digital connections

4-Channel Design with Mute Buttons

With 1 direct line out for the mic and 3 other channels assigned via Razer Synapse, get the perfect mix between mic, game, music/chat, and system volumes that can be tweaked or muted individually

XLR Preamp

The mixer supports XLR mics and can boost their output thanks to an ultra-clean low-noise-gain preamp with adjustable gain from -12dB to 39.7dB at 0.75dB per step

Built-in Voice Settings and Audio Processing

Tweak your voice using hardware-controlled EQ, compressor, and noise gate settings as the mixer handle all of your audio—freeing up resources on your rig for other tasks

Plug and Play

Get the mixer up and running in minutes simply by plugging in your mic, hooking it up to your PC, and assigning your desired programs to each channel via Razer Synapse

Powered by Razer Chroma RGB

Sync the mixer to your Razer Chroma ecosystem, watch it light up to indicate volume levels or when it’s muted, and have it interact with your audience via our Streamer Companion App

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