Heimplanet Mavericks Expedition Tent

Heimplanet has unveiled a red and black version of their popular Mavericks tent, an inflatable geodetic designed specifically for harsh conditions. With an interior area of more than 13 square meters and a height of 2 meters, this tent is the perfect expedition tent that offers space for 10 people to use with their equipment. Mavericks are extremely resistant to strong winds, and Heimplanet claims to be the world’s most windproof tent, capable of withstanding storms up to 180 km/h. The keys to its structural integrity are innovative IDG (Inflatable Diamond Grid) technology and a patented Multi-Chamber Safety System that can be instantly inflated by a single person. Click here to learn more about Heimplanet Mavericks,

HEIMPLANET GoOut21: Mavericks Eishockey Tour

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