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Lift3 eFoil Electric Surfboard

Outdoor recreation is evolving in ways we’ve never seen before. Companies serving in this field strive to innovate in all kinds of activities with innovative devices, tools, and hardware to improve the overall experience of their customers. Especially with the emergence of electric surfboards, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of surfers. One of the companies that makes the best use of this trend is Lift Foil, which develops a more revolutionary approach to the surfboard. This mighty surfing brand is trying to boost its viral momentum by launching the updated Lift3 eFoil model.

Easy to use and easy to ride, which can be counted among the distinguishing features of Lift‘s eFoils, make it a surfboard accessible to everyone. The Lift3 eFoil was also built to incorporate all these basic features when going out on the field. It is powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery that provides an amazing 60 minutes of driving time on a short charge and 100 minutes on a full charge. An anodized aluminum propeller with brushless motors acts as the driving force of the Lift3, while carbon fiber front wings and ergonomic wireless Bluetooth hand controller provide enhanced handling and speed control.

Lift3‘s construction features a proprietary fiberglass blend that provides durability and aerodynamics. Available in two colors, Sea Foam Green and Vermilion Rede, eFoil Lift3 also offers two different styles that you can choose according to your surfing experience. Click here if you want more information.

Introducing the LIFT3 F eFoil
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