Stephen Hawking’s Blackboard

At a workshop in Cambridge in 1980, renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author Stephen Hawking and his colleagues met to discuss the concept of a universal “theory of everything.” At the conference, Hawking and his colleagues felt they were on the verge of understanding the “theory of everything” that would unite the two cornerstones of physics. These; “general relativity”, which describes the universe at its largest scales, and “quantum” theories that explain the universe at its smallest level. The search goes on.

Anyway, back to our topic. This blackboard is Hawking‘s precious remnant of the international conference. When you look at the board more carefully, you can see the clues about the sense of humor of this community that came together. The cartoons contain deliberate typos, half-baked equations, and many other doodles that probably only make sense to those who are devoted to science.

Stephen Hawking’s Blackboard is currently on display at the Science Museum of London as part of the “Stephen Hawking at Work” exhibit, which includes a replica of his 1966 thesis, his wheelchair, and a personalized jacket from The Simpsons. For more detailed information, you can visit the museum’s website.

An ITV News clip featuring Stephen Hawking’s Blackboard

Stephen Hawking's mystery blackboard and other belongings go on display | ITV News

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