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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Since Apple launched Airpods, its competition has been vying for the limelight. Among the more successful companies, Samsung is a brand with a variety of true wireless product lines, which the company calls Galaxy Buds.

Samsung finally lifted the veil of Galaxy Buds Pro and set its sights on Apple‘s highest-priced Airpods models. In this product line, they are the first products to use ANC for practical applications. Although Galaxy Buds Live also uses this technology, its effectiveness is limited by the open earplug design. However, with three microphone settings and windshield sound insulation, the Galaxy Buds Pro can eliminate up to 99% of background noise. When it comes to audio quality, they can provide more than just that. Samsung said that by combining 360 audio with a subwoofer 11mm woofer and a clear 6.5mm tweeter, the tweeter can provide the most comprehensive audio of all Galaxy Buds so far. Most importantly, it has features such as a voice pickup (VPU), which enables clear calls, and automatically switches devices to seamlessly use smartphones. As a result, a pair of earplugs can bring benefits to Apple at any time.


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