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Olive Pro Wireless Earbuds

Olive Union has introduced a two-in-one hearing aid and earplugs, claiming to amplify sound and eliminate noise. Olive Pro looks similar to any other pair of traditional Bluetooth earbuds, but they also use artificial intelligence to isolate unwanted noise and enhance music, conversation, and TV sounds based on the user’s specific hearing conditions. They can set up and calibrate the application in just five minutes. With machine learning-based voice detection and ANC, stylish wireless earbuds combine the best mobile audio with FDA-registered hearing aids to provide users with clear voice enhancement and automatic background noise cancellation. The specified battery life is more than 18 hours. Click here for more details about Olive Pro Wireless Earbuds.

Olive SmartEar Pro : 2-in-1 Hearing Aids + Bluetooth Earbuds - Olive Union

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