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Sepura Food Waste Composter

Sepura is an odorless food waste disposal device that makes home compost easier than ever. Installed under the kitchen sink, all you have to do is scrape the dishes, and the smart waste disposal can compost food waste with the push of a button. Kitchen accessories can be installed under the sink and connected to existing pipes to separate food waste from liquids. In addition, it even has attachments so you can also collect food waste from the dishwasher. In addition, Sepura Home has flood detection, automatic stop function, and even self-cleaning. Moreover, your food waste can be stored for up to four weeks without any odor. The lid of the collection box doubles as a carbon filter, so you will not smell anything when the trash can is slowly filled. Unlike the usual loud trash disposal, Sepura makes a buzzing noise when handling food. The four LED indicators on the front of the container indicate the fullness of Sepura. Click here for more details.


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