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Cyber Supra By FLAT HAT 3D Studio

Taking its name from the term utilized by WWII pilots to depict unapproved low elevation flying strategies, FLAT HAT 3D Studio is a SEMA grant-winning car reasonable and 3D plan firm established in 2018 and headed up by Ted Li. Level HAT verifiable has a proclivity for Japanese tuner vehicles, with a portfolio that incorporates digitized adaptations of different contemporary games vehicles, however the studio’s most recent work takes things a novel way — presenting the Toyota Supra with a Karlmann King-inspired makeover.

Dedicated to the “Digital Supra,” the late model GR has been skilled in a lift unit enhanced through erupted wheel curves and rough terrain haggles. Involved 100% impenetrable bodyboards, the outline of the delivered vehicle consolidates the precise idea of Karlmann‘s supposed “ground covertness warrior” with the Supra‘s conspicuous profile. By leaving the benefactor vehicle’s stock fog light and taillight arrangement, the vigorously changed vehicle is still promptly recognizable as being founded on the Supra. As the name proposes, the plan likewise acquires components from Tesla‘s Cybertruck. To see more of the Cyber Supra or to look at other work from FLAT HAT 3D Studio, you can check out the company’s site.


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