Sarcostyle Tower For The New York By Hayri Atak

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio has designed eye-catching skyscrapers for Manhattan‘s skyline, and its amorphous shape and material properties make it stand out from neighboring buildings. “Sarcostyle Tower” are comparable in scale and proportion, but are completely different from their backgrounds. Unlike some of its static, geometric neighbors, the building is inspired by biological concepts, including anatomical structures and cells, giving the project an organic sensitivity in the dense urban landscape.

In the design of the “Sarcostyle Tower”, Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio intertwined architectural elements to form a serpentine structure that looks like coiled upward. This creates a series of voids that give the project a ghostly transparency and provide different interpretations depending on where the building is viewed. In this way, the Sarcostyle Towershows ever-changing perspectives, eye-catching and integrated with the surrounding environment. Click here for more details.


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