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Bugatti Chiron Terracross 4×4 By Rafal Czaniecki

The Bugatti Chiron has all-wheel drive and four turbocharged, 1600 horsepower engine, with the skeleton of a modified full-function off-road vehicle. Designer Rafal Czaniecki explored this possibility with the Chiron Terracross concept, reimagining the supercar as an all-terrain rally car. Czaniecki conceived a hexagonal theme, Czaniecki imagined the chassis using 3D printed honeycomb elements, and the fender warheads were encapsulated in transparent carbon fiber-based resin using this idea. The new front and rear trim panels are equipped with striker bars, and the roof rack can store equipment needed for off-road exploration. Even if Ferrari is developing an SUV, the 4×4 Bugatti is not far from reality. Click here for more details about Bugatti Chiron Terracross 4×4.


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