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Stromer ST5 e-Bike Now With ABS

After manufacturing fast electric bicycles (faster than ordinary electric bicycles) in the past 10 years, Stromer, based in Switzerland, has added ABS to its latest model. This makes a lot of sense-you have a powerful motor automation function, why not increase the safety of the anti-lock braking system? Additional features provide better control of braking on smooth surfaces and prevent flying over the handlebars at hard stops. The new angular braking system will be added to the latest Stromer model ST5, which has a 650-watt electric motor and an extra-long 110-mile battery range. Use the onboard touch screen to determine how much pedal assistance you need. The touch screen can also be connected to a smartphone to lock and unlock the bike’s motor and keep it running. The original ST5 is now available. To use ABS for acquisition, you need to wait until June this year. Either way, Stromer is an excellent way to reach your destination. Click here for more details.


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