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Monarch All Electric Tractor

Agriculture is an important part of our country. However, it may cause harm to work and the environment. This new electric tractor produced by Monarch solves these problems by eliminating harmful emissions, reducing the need for herbicides and avoiding worker injuries. The smartest tractor in the world not only provides space for the driver, but also provides assistance for the driver or can operate on its own. It has a 360-degree camera, sensors and autonomous navigation software. This means Monarch Electric Tractor can be operated with personnel using pre-programmed tasks, or control personnel from the ground in “shadow” mode. It will be on the market next fall, powered by a 70-horsepower electric powertrain, which can provide more than 10 hours of running time, and has built-in obstacle avoidance and anti-rollover functions to prevent accidents. Click here for more details.


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