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Brooks Scape Bicycle Touring Bags

Brooks England has introduced a new modular bag line that combines exceptional Brooks quality with a modular design. It is presented as an excellent option for those who like to make long tours by loading their bicycles in environments such as stabilized roads and dirt paths, as well as for those who want to meet the various demands of daily journeys. This elegant collection of Brooks; includes panniers, seat packs, handlebar packs, frame bags, and more, so there’s a solution for every rider type. All bags are reinforced with nylon reinforcement and Hypalon Velcro. This wonderful modular and adaptable design allows you to easily adjust the size. You can get additional flexibility for short journeys and optimum use of available space for your longer adventures! With its clever fixing system, you can mount it on various points on the bike. For detailed information, you can visit Brookswebsite.


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