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3D Printed Citroen ME Concept By Alexandre Pain

Inspired by the ultra-affordable Citroon AMI electric vehicle and the iconic Citroen Mehari, the unique Citroen ME is a great electric vehicle designed to tackle urban mobility. Designed by French industrial designer Alexandre Pain, this eco-friendly, low-carbon-footprint vehicle is equipped with a 22kw battery that can reach up to 200 km (125 miles) on a single charge. The top speed of 80 km/h is quite impressive for such a small package. The futuristic two-seat Citroen ME can be confusing at first glance, as its front and rear parts are made up of symmetrical elements. Block and modular body parts produced by the 3D printing method will eliminate the problem of finding spare parts in case of mass production. Whenever you need any part replacement, you will be able to simply get the information of the relevant part from the internet and print it on your 3D printer. For more click here.


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