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Boony Stomper Camping Trailer By Sunnyside Offroad

In the event that you’ve ever taken your UTV out for a cavort in the wild, just to find that your day reaches a disenchanting conclusion within an average tent arrangement, you’re in good company. While many of us have wanted for a towable camper that could go with us on the path, hardly any organizations have made the strides expected to offer a minimized living structure for sale to the public — as of recently.

Sunnyside Offroad has addressed our petitions with its strangely named “Boony Stomper” — a towable trailer that times in at just 586 pounds. Since this featherweight camper cuts the allegorical fat from huge numbers of the more hearty models that we’ve seen, one may expect that its specialized attributes are rare. Shockingly, that couldn’t possibly be more off-base. To guarantee that the trailer can navigate boondocks territory, Sunnyside has equipped it with a uniquely manufactured, long-travel suspension framework, square steel edge, and mud-keen Forerunner Knight tires. That being stated, it’s somewhat unassuming as far as inside qualities, flaunting covered dividers/headboards, tile floors, and self-hooking stockpiling cupboards in the midst of its six-foot, seven-inch resting zone.


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