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Samsung AirDresser Dry Cleaner

With the new Samsung AirDresser, you never need to go to the laundry again. Like a home dry cleaner that fits inside your storage room, AirDresser is an independent framework that consolidates ground-breaking steam and air to clean and de-wrinkle garments you would regularly leave at the laundry. It evacuates wrinkles and 99% of normal microbes, dust vermin, and scents from your garments, and gratitude to an implicit freshening up the channel, it disposes of difficult smells that wait in textures brought about by smoke, sweat, and food. The AirDresser highlights a touch-empowered LCD board out front, and an application, where you can pick prearranged cycles for things like coats, shirts, school garbs, and sweaters, and a Sanitize Cycle program which utilizes high-temperature steam. Watch the video.

AirDresser: How it works | Samsung



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