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ElecHive Portable & Universal Super Power Station

ElecHive can provide a capacity of 2400Wh, and has an output of 2200W, only 34 pounds, is the ultimate capacity of this compact battery. This compact power station is powerful, can power 12 devices at the same time, and is smaller and lighter than conventional power stations. This stylish device is only about 12 packs in size and can provide a family-sized power supply, from emergencies and power outages to weekends in the wild. The mobile power station has a huge AC output of 2200W and can handle many heavy equipment and tools, such as TVs, projectors, saws, hair dryers, and even electric cars. ElecHive is equipped with 5 different port options, including USB-C port, USB-A port, 12V DC port, 110V AC port and specific 180W car charging port. Click here for more details.

ZERO BREEZE ElecHive 2200 Portable Power station

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